About Us

AB Corporation is a Procurement Service Provider Company. We offers a complete range of services tailored to our customer sourcing needs, procurement management and staffing. Our commitment to success is important to us. It is necessary to have a professional team on site who can overcome challenges Many companies have realized how strategic Low Cost Sourcing Countries  has become important fr their businesses, Having to buy directly from the competitive factories without any intermediary is a way to secure the quality of the products and the delivery time.

We Work with the most competitive and effective suppliers


We take in charge for you

  • Cost Optimization programs
  •  Feasibility Studies
  • Supplier Qualifications
  • Factory Audit
  • Request for Quotations
  • Samples / Range of products development
  • Production follow-up
  • Quality Controls
  • Logistics support



  • We understand your business, your language, your culture.
  • We are friendly and it is easy to work with us.
  • We offer products which you may already buy or additional products which you may wish to purchase.
  • We offer you quality products at competitive prices
  • We offer you impeccable service; an extraordinary personal service tailored to each of your needs.
  • Prompt delivery of your orders.
  • Frequent personal visits.
  • Training of your sales people.
  • Market research reports.
  • Spare parts availability.
  • Immediate reply to your technical & business questions.

Take advantage of our experience and local presence to achieve a complete and effective sourcing


  •  Communicate with customers.
  • Answer inquiries for quotation,
  • offer products,
  • seek Air or Ocean freight rates
  • prepare proforma invoices to prospective buyers.
  • Price and place orders with vendors.
  • Market products as formulated by the marketing plan, including:
    a) Sending product information and price lists.
    b) Special offers/mailings.
    c) Distribution of new descriptive sheets.
    d) Qualify prospective customers.
    e) Handle first line technical support both pre and post sales for spare parts and maintenance.
  •  Attend trade shows and vendor training/sales meetings.
  • We  travel internationally.

Local Buyer Office Help includes

  • Analysis and formalization of the technical specifications
  • Sourcing an extensive panel of suppliers who are meeting these requirements.
  • The detailed profiles of the suppliers are provided,
  • RFQ’s process handled by a local buyer, under the control of a senior manager,
  • Comparison and evaluation of the offers according to your selected criteria,
  • Comparison and ranking of the suppliers’ performance,
  • Shortlisting of suppliers and recommendations following our methodology and your criteria,
  • Factory audit included,
  • Negotiations,
  • Prototype management and samples controls,
  • Search of the custom codes, taxes and certificates required for the import process,
  • Checking of the supplier certificates and test reports with the related lab tests,
  • Evaluation of the transportation costs (sea or air) on a door to door basis.

our daily controls ensure the quality and respect of the delivery time

Our Procurement Outsourcing Includes:

  • Price and contract negotiation,
  • Prototypes follow up and control,
  • Regular control of the production planning in order to avoid delivery delays,
  • Quality controls after completion of the first batch in order to notice early in the process non conformity,
  • Systematic quality control of the products before loading,
  • Inspection of packaging and packing conditions,
  • Production sample pick up and shipment,
  • Implementation of corrective actions if required,
  • Drafting of a detailed QC report within 48 hours,
  • Transportation arrangements: volume consolidation if required, space optimization, documents preparation, loading follow up, import procedures,
  • After sales follow up in case of a warranty.